Adriana Cerundolo

Unlocking the Heart through Self-Love

10am - 5pm

Sept 22, Pinole, CA


Experience your magnificence in this intimate day-long women's retreat.

The heart center is the our gateway to the infinite. By recognizing ourselves as part of infinite source energy, and healing the sense of separation that keeps us in suffering, we grow our capacity for embodying self-love. Self-love allows us to experience our connection to the divine and opens us up to our highest expression.

As humans we naturally feel a sense of separation from the divine which propels us into fear. Since fear begets fear, it can act as a cancer in our body and cause physical distress. As the loving embrace of the divine is fortified again and again through fierce self-love, this fear melts away, along with our sense of separation from the all.

In this day-long retreat, we will bless ourselves in divine love through a blend of Kundalini Yoga, SoundWork, intuitive-based dance, and art expression. The goal is to create a loving womb space where the emotional strain of separation is addressed and integrated back into the heart, unlocking it for greater access to self-love.

Delicious vegan/GF lunch provided, as well as morning and afternoon snacks and drinks. Location at a private residence with garden patio for ultimate privacy and relaxation.

Space limited to 7 participants. Register  by Sept 16th to reserve your spot.




  • Access and explore your heart space within a ceremonial container in an intimate group of women
  • Use Kundalini Yoga technology to integrate restrictions in the heart and expand its capacity for love
  • Receive nourishment through channeled sound frequency for whole-body healing and integration
  • Explore and embody newly accessed energy through intuitive movement and creative expression
  • Enjoy deliciously nourishing vegan/GF lunch and treats
  • Gather self-love insights and take-home practices
  • Become refreshed, enlivened, and empowered to generate self-love


Private residence in Pinole, CA. Address to be shared upon registration. 



10:00 - 1:00

The morning will create the foundation for the day through grounding into the space, into ourselves, and deepening into the heart space. We will leverage Kundalini Yoga to access and integrate restrictions in the heart, and SoundWork to nourish tender places into wholeness.  

1:00 - 2:00

Delicious, catered vegan lunch. 

2:00 - 5:00

The afternoon will be dedicated to expanding and embodying heart energy. Through Kundalini Yoga we will strengthen the heart and the body's magnetic field, and use intuitive movement and art expression for grounding newly cultivated energy. After a yummy snack break we will close the day with a sharing circle over medicinal cacao to bless ourselves and integrate the day's learnings. 



Love is the most secure place in an individual. It is very secure, very deep, very curative healing. It has no pain. It’s not limited.
— Yogi Bhajan