Adriana Cerundolo

Sound Healing


Relax and revitalize through sound

I broke my lower leg hiking and was getting no relief from foot elevation, icing or prescription Advil. After listening to Adriana’s sound bowls, I began to feel tingling around my foot as blood flow started returning. Within 48 hours the swelling and bruising significantly decreased.

I am stunned by the healing power of these bowls and Adriana‘s work. Her magic with the sound bowls and her singing is extraordinarily powerful.
— Carol Jones


• Relaxation and stress relief
• Heightened sensory perception
• Pain reduction
• Emotional wellbeing

• Greater connection to self
• Improved sleep
• Relief from anxiety and worry
• Creative thinking

What it sounds like

I am committed to coming to the sound journey every month because it is such a profound experience. I have been able to release old traumas, become free of limiting beliefs and experience parts of myself coming back to me.
— Bethany Miller

How it Works

Understanding Vibration

As quantum theory tells us, energy is the foundation to everything in our world. “Energy” is vibration. All things physical and non-physical have a resonant frequency that determine its form. Working with vibration, then, is the most visceral means of transforming our experience.

Transformation happens through resonance and entrainment. Resonance is when two frequencies of harmonic likeness come into relationship, or naturally “vibe” together. An example of this is when a guitar string is plucked and another guitar string of the same frequency vibrates on its own across the room. Or, a singer breaks a wine glass by singing the resonant frequency of the glass. Both are examples of two things passively coming into resonance with each other.

Entrainment is when two separate frequencies actively “lock in” to resonance with each other, so that the stronger frequency (faster oscillatory patterns) bring the slower one to its pace. Entrainment is a part of the natural world; women’s menstrual cycles synchronize after living together for a time. Within our own bodies, our heart rate, breath rate, and brainwaves all entrain to each other. Entrainment happens between a teacher and her students. And between our minds and habits we actively change. When a pattern changes to match a stronger pattern, it is entrainment.

Sound healing

Sound Healing entrains the body to its natural resonant frequency, resulting in balance and healing. Our natural resonant frequency is one of health and vibrancy, and it is natural for the body to want to come into balance. Any observation of nature, or the internal working of our bodies, exemplifies the natural pull towards balance. When harmonize with our natural frequency, our body rejuvenates and comes back to balance.

Adriana uses quartz crystal singing bowls, voice, and percussion instruments to entrain the body and mind into balance. In Sound Journeys, recipients lie down in deep relaxation to receive the sounds. It’s a sonic massage, with vibration cleansing the body from the inside out. While each person will have their own unique experience of the sound, arising refreshed and revitalized is guaranteed.

Neuroscientist and biophysicist William Softky explains why vibration is healing in this article.



Adriana began studying music at age 3, and in 2010 earned her certificate in Sound Healing from the Globe Institute of Sound and Consciousness. Her work is unique in blending vocalization with crystal singing bowls. She works with both groups and individuals to create inner harmony. Learn more about Adriana here





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60 min

Return to your natural state of peace and tranquility in a private sound session.

Adriana uses a unique blend of hands-on bodywork, energy work, and sound healing to relieve tension, open stuck energy channels, and connect you to your vitality.

Expect to feel massaged from the inside out with this vibratory tune-up.

Private sessions take place in Novato or El Cerrito, CA.


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60 min

Immerse yourself in blissful vibrations to relax, destress, and renew. Great for alleviating anxiety, easing physical pain, emotional relief, mental clarity, and restful sleep.

Lie down in deep relaxation to receive the sounds of voice, crystal singing bowls and percussion instruments on this inner journey of sound.

Please see above for Sound Journey schedule.

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Bring sound healing to your team or private event for a meaningful group experience. Destress and renew while growing group connection in this nourishing and intimate experience.

Contact directly for pricing.