Secrets of Vibration

Introduction to Sound Healing

Oct 12, 1-4pm

Sukha Yoga, San Rafael


Join me for this introductory workshop on Sound Healing. In this experiential session, we will explore the science and mysticism behind vibration and how it can be used for transformation.

Sound baths, Acutonics, Frequency Specific Microcurrent, (and let’s not forget Kirtan!) are all forms of sound healing that have become increasingly popular over the last decade to treat physical, emotional, and mental ailments. Why? What’s so special about sound?

Thoughts, emotions, physical objects - everything has a resonant frequency. How these frequencies dance with each other, both inside and outside of us, determines our experience.

Sound intriguing? You have no idea! Let’s open the door to this magical world together in this afternoon workshop.

Stay afterwards to receive the healing sounds of crystal singing bowls in the monthly Sound Journey at 5pm.

Notetakers welcome to bring a journal and pen. Feel free to bring whatever you need to be cozy in a floor circle.