Return to balance. Return to life.


There’s a place beyond constant stress, worry, and overwhelm.

A place beyond pain and discouragement. Where relaxation and solutions exist. Where physical regeneration and creativity flow. Here, life is vibrant and alive. 

This place exists inside of you, ready to receive your attention. 

Don’t believe it? Neither did I. 

I’ve spent years searching outside of myself for “fixes” to GI problems and emotional swings. From medication to diets to spiritual practices, I’ve tried the gamut of tools to bring myself into balance. By “balance,” I mean a place where I felt like an active participant in my life instead of a victim to emotions, physical ailments, and outside circumstance. 

It turns out, balance is our natural state. 

It’s called “dis-ease” because “ease” is what is natural. Natural = healthy. 

Healthy means feeling vibrant in your body.  

Healthy means feeling love within yourself and towards the world.

Healthy means moving towards the things that bring you joy, excitement, and pleasure. 

Healthy means ALIVE. 

But in a world that glorifies defying what is natural, we can lose sight of what healthy means. 

Our bodies, however, do not. 

From the earth they rise and to earth they shall return. Our bodies are the most natural things we possess. 

By turning inwards to feel our bodies and be present to its sensations, we unlock blockages to its vitality. We create space to hear what it needs, and how to parent ourselves to balance. It’s through this loving relationship to our bodies (and ourselves) that we can relax into the harmony that is natural for us. From this place of empowered self-love, life becomes the gift it is meant to be.

Deep relaxation with Sound Healing following a Kundalini Yoga practice

Deep relaxation with Sound Healing following a Kundalini Yoga practice


Reconnecting to your body, Though your senses, is your pathway back to balance. 

My GI issues started at age 12. It was a long road of medications, multiple doctors, and useless diet changes before getting relief at my first acupuncture session at age 24. It was there I learned that emotions, the mind, and body are all connected. Funny how our most basic human operations need to be learned.

That learning continued through meditation, astrology, intuitive counselors, therapists, energy work - my 20s was a tour de alternative and “new age” therapies.

But it was sound healing school that ultimately gave me my biggest understanding of how the body, and natural systems, operate. It’s also where I found the biggest shifts in my emotional and physical state.

In 7Directions dance ceremony, I learned how to reclaim my body as a vessel for self expression, allowing the energy that in the past would hold me back to freely move through me with love. It’s also here were I learned the potency and facilitation of sacred container building.

Kundalini Yoga opened a new-found appreciation for breath, and it provided a structure of mystical teachings grounded in science that validated the learnings I had gathered through my healing journey. In short,

your experience of yourself is the foundation of your reality, and it’s the only thing you can control.

The more you awaken your senses through sound, breath, and movement, the more conscious you become to your body, needs, and desires. This presence, in and of itself, can heal physical and mental ailments; it relaxes the body’s nervous system, returning it to a state of balance. With more oxygen and blood flow, more of the brain comes online, leading to new awareness and “feel good” feelings.

The more you connect with this state of balance, the easier it is to maintain. The less you rely on outside stimuli to manage your internal world, and the greater ability you have to create what you desire.

What does it feel like to be balanced in your natural state?

Come join me in an upcoming event or session to find out.

It’s my joy to empower others to know their true selves, since I believe it’s through this connection to self that we heal the world.

I look forward to connecting with you.

- Adriana