Adriana Cerundolo

Kundalini Yoga


Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is the yoga of awareness. It uses specific sequences of postures, aligned with breath and mantras, to address physical, emotional, and energetic wellbeing. The focus is on activating the kundalini, the body's creative life force, to enliven the body to its highest potential. The practice is designed to strengthen all systems of the body, especially the nervous system, to maximize vitality and consciousness. 


2:00-3:30pm @ Sukha Yoga, Novato




  • Increased creative capacity

  • Expanded sensory awareness

  • Strengthened immune system

  • Calm mind and ability to manage stress effectively

  • Mental clarity

  • Improved brain function and expanded consciousness

  • Strengthened nervous system

  • Greater connection to self

  • Increased energy and stamina

  • Increased circulation and gland secretion

  • Developed intuition

  • Spinal health


How it works

“Kundalini” refers to the creative life force that exists within the body. This source energy lives at the base of the spine and travels through it to nourish all physical and energetic systems that create our experience. Our physical health, energy level and quality of sensory perception is dependent on the flow of this Kundalini energy. 

Kundalini Yoga is about engaging this life force for maximum vitality and sensory perception. It combines ancient mystical yogic traditions that align breath with movement and mantra to awaken kundalini energy and distribute it throughout the body.   

Another way to consider “kundalini” energy is the cerebrospinal fluid that travels up the spine and nourishes grey matter of the brain. It’s argued that a “kundalini awakening” is experience of spinal fluid entering into brain. This fluid is necessary for brain function, and by increasing its flow we turn more parts of the brain online - hence the feeling of expanded awareness. This is why Kundalini Yoga is such a powerful practice, and beginners are often surprised at how quickly it works to shift consciousness. 

Kundalini Yoga was brought to the west from India in 1969 by Yogi Bhajan. His goal was to teach others how to activate “the guru within” so that people became sovereign and empowered within their own being.  



Drop in classes at Sukha Yoga are $20 each, or purchase a class pass

Private Kundalini sessions are $115 (60min).

For more information or to book a session, please use the button below.  


Adriana is filled with joy after teaching.



Adriana completed her Kundalini Yoga certification from the Kundalini Research Institute in 2018. This technology has become a backbone for her health and connection to spirit. She offers private sessions for those who'd like personalized guidance on embodying kundalini energy or achieving specific health goals. Learn more about Adriana here