Navigating the Darkness of Winter

February is a time for watering the seeds of our heart. 


Deep in the stillness of winter, we feel the natural pull to slow down. This is a time for relaxation, restoration, and hibernation. 

But even though the soil is cold and quiet, it is incubating flames of life through seeds that have yet to sprout. It is in this dark womb of the feminine where potential turns manifest. Down below the surface of the earth, seeds of life pulse forward with the promise of spring. 

How do we balance our need for rest with tending to the seeds of our creation?

Commitment to ourselves through loving action is the heartbeat that keeps us pulsing through winter. It's this steady and consistent quality of attention that allows the seeds of our desires to germinate come spring. 

Winter's pull towards rest creates a natural resistance to movement which often triggers our own inner darkness to rise up for tending. I've experienced a snowball effect of overwhelm and anxiety the last couple weeks, and the theme of life pushing edges of comfort seems a current theme in my community. 

Here we call upon the power of tenderness to navigate between action and rest, between going outwards and tending to the self. Action doesn't need to be forceful to be effective - slow down, take full breaths, and drop into your body to experience your situation with presence and compassion. "Nature doesn't hurry, yet everything is accomplished," Lao Zhu reminds us. I've been surprised at how the most productive days I've experienced this month included minimal striving and maximum self-care. The least productive? Those filled with stress and hurry. 

Winter reminds us of the power of divine feminine essence - the essence of be-ing. 

"Be-ing" is not passive; it is very much active, as it's intrinsically tied to the natural flow of life. Energy is always moving, like a river, and such is the nature of shakti (even if unseen in the depths of darkness).  A river does not strive or stress, nor is it insecure about its actions. It simply is. It simply moves. 

Let's look to the river then as we water the seeds of our own creations this winter. Commit to loving action towards yourself and others. Slow down and bring tenderness to your movements. Flow like water and gently erode the obstacles in your path through love. 

You're invited to practice loving self-care and tender movement in my upcoming events this February.

May your winter be restful and nourishing.

Love, Adriana

(artwork by Lisa Kagan)

Adriana Cerundolo