Beltane New Moon Ceremony Guide

May 1st marked Beltane, a Celtic festival marking the peak of spring and fertility. It’s where potential becomes manifest in conception, the joining of masculine and feminine, of earth and sky. It’s a celebration and honoring of LIFE. It’s inherently creative, sexual and alive.

In March I shared the need to connect to our soul fire, our desire to be alive, to get us through the shadow portal of winter and embrace the energy of spring renewal.

What is coming alive for you at this time? What creative energy wishes to move through you?

If you’re like most of us, you probably have some blocks around creating. You may be connected to your soul fire but find it challenging to allow this fire to manifest through you. We all have our edges between fear and comfort that keep us from freely creating. In a world where the predominant message is “you’re not enough,” true creativity becomes scary, and possibly dangerous. Not to mention the daily stress of survival that limits spaciousness in our mind for creativity.

I’d like to introduce the concept that being creative is your natural state.

This isn’t actually a new concept, since kundalini life force is the creative energy that lives within all of us. It’s already there, waiting patiently for us to tend to it and move the blocks out of the way to let it through. I think of it like a curling game - our creative energy is the moving puck and our job is to buff its pathway forward.

The question is, do you choose to align with your kundalini, your creative life force? Or do you align with deadness? I define “deadness” as anything that restricts our energy from freely expressing. Examples could include poor eating habits, unhealthy relationships, or limiting beliefs. Ultimately, if something is not nourishing and expanding you, it’s killing you.

What we align and resonate with is our choice. This is our free will.

To bring awareness to this choice is the journey of enlightenment. I love Kundalini Yoga, as it’s the “yoga of awareness” that expands our capacity for choice. When we have choice, we are empowered.

Beltane New Moon Ceremony

Here is a New Moon ceremony you can do at home to support this process of saying yes to your creative life force. The New Moon is a great time to reflect on your past, and plant seeds for the month to come, as it carries the energy of new beginnings. I like to do a New Moon reflection ceremony each month.

  1. Create a sacred space that supports turning inwards. Light a candle, light incense, do whatever feels nourishing for your space. Then get cozy with a journal and pen.

  2. Take some deep breaths to bring your attention inwards into your body. Get grounded.

  3. Once centered, ask yourself: what things are life-affirming in your world? This includes anything that makes you feel alive in your body, nourishes and energizes you. If it’s expanding your state, it’s life-affirming. Make a list. Journal about it. (If it’s hard at first to conjure up a list, invite the energy of expansion in your body first, then notice what activities, people, things float into your consciousness as a result. These are the things that resonate with your sense of expansion.)

  4. After completing your list, reflect on each of these things and feel gratitude for them. What we appreciate, appreciates. The energy of gratitude is a powerful tool for resonance. You can imagine each thing, person, activity wrapped in golden light and blessed.

  5. Now having felt life-affirming energy in your body, it will be easier to recognize what is life-negating. Ask yourself, what is draining your life force in your world? If it’s not nourishing and expanding you, it’s draining you. Journal about it. Make a list. Actions, beliefs, thoughts, people. Allow whatever arises to have it’s space on the page.

  6. Reflect on this list and ask yourself, what are you gaining from staying connected with these things that are life-negating? Is it worth your drain of energy? Answer honestly. It’s possible that a job is life-negating, but necessary to pay the bills at the moment. We are, in the end, infinite beings in a finite existence that has its limits. We can expand our capacity for life and kundalini energy, but it’s also important to honor our real limitations at any given moment. On the other hand, if a bad habit is not adding any real value to your life, perhaps you are willing to let it go.

  7. For those things that are worth the energy drain, send them love. Imagine a golden light coming through the top of your head, out of your heart, and blessing these real limitations on your energy that are serving a purpose. Thank them. Ask spirit to ease the drain they are causing. May the purpose they serve be served in a life-affirming way going forward. Ask spirit to show you how. You can continue to listen for guidance around this topic in your subsequent meditations.

  8. For those things you are willing to let go of, imagine releasing them into the flame of your candle (or a vision of one). Ask that your dependence on these things be released across all aspects of your being. Again, imagine a golden light coming through the crown of your head, through your heart, and onto the page, dissolving your connection to these things. Thank spirit for the cleansing power of your choice and focus.

  9. Now, given the life-affirming things you appreciated, and the life-negating things you’ve released, what does your new world look like? How are you feeling, what you thinking, what are you doing? How does your day-to-day life change? What things are you doing to fully release the life-negating energies you said “no” to? What things are you doing to further align with the life-affirming ones? Dream and vision your new world. Feel what it feels like. Imagine your day. Journal about it. Commit to it.

  10. Congratulations. You’ve taken a huge step in letting more of your creative life force flow freely. Sit in the feeling of your freshly-cleaned container. Bless yourself, and thank spirit for co-creating with you. Continue to visit the journal entry from step 9 daily to stay accountable to your vision and new alignment.

Let me know how this ceremony works for you!

Happy Beltane and New Moon. May you remember your choice in how you vibrate.

Sat Nam,