The Threshold between Love and Fear

The threshold between love and fear is trust. 

Fear is the friction that keeps us from moving with the current of life. Life, at its essence, is love - an ever blossoming and forward-moving energy current that is constantly looking to express itself through us.  Sound, words, actions, thoughts - no energy waves are excluded as vehicles for love's expression. 

Expression is a tricky thing, however, since in order to express, we must be embodied. That means, in-a-body. Sound, words, actions, thoughts - none of them can happen without this vital instrument that includes our mind. 

Our body holds memories from our personal past, as well as that of our ancestors and the collective. It is a culmination of all things that have come before this present moment. Whether unconscious or conscious, our memories give us a grounding in time and space. They are what allow us to have some context for this human world, a mental structure in which our consciousness can operate. The body creates the structure in which our consciousness, infinite and ever expanding, can operate in physical form. 

As the grounding point of structure, the body's job is to maintain this stability, which is done through attaching to things that are "known." It's therefore highly cautious of all unknown experiences. Wishes, dreams, visions - all things we have never experienced threaten this very structure. 

Enter fear. 

Fear is a tool of the negative mind, one of our ten bodies that make up our being. The negative mind has an important job - not only to keep us safe, but to maintain our lines of individual separation that allow our unique creativity to flow. Discernment requires saying "no" to certain things in saying "yes" to others. It's through discernment that we recognize the choices that are in alignment with our hearts and serve our soul's highest good. And since our soul is a tendril of the larger Shakti energy of love, when we serve our highest good, we serve Love. 

What better way to keep us from making certain choices than fear - a contracting energy that freezes the body from action and ignites the sympathetic nervous system to signal danger to our primal brain. 

The question is, is this fear signaling truth about a present situation, or is it simply trying to keep us within our experience of "known"? 

My experience is that 80% of fear is the latter. 

How do we meet this fear? We meet it, with our attention, our love, and melt it into trust as we surrender to the love that we inherently are, and that is greater than us. That is what trust is after all, a recognition of a force that is larger than us that is inherently working for us, that has our highest good in mind. A bowing down to the divine. 

This is the threshold. The edge between fear and love. The known and the unknown. Finite and infinite. Limit and potential.

Join us tmrw as we Release Fear and Expand into Trust in a kundalini yoga and sound healing workshop, 10am @ Soulstice Mind and Body Spa. 

Adriana Cerundolo