Emerge from Darkness to Embrace Spring

Spring teaches us to emerge from darkness to embrace the creative life force that inherently flows through us.

Nature illustrates the wisdom of cycles. Mother Earth enters the darkness of winter just as willingly as she receives the spring. Each stage of the cycle has its place, its medicine, its integral contribution to the whole of life's ever moving rhythm. 

The same is true for the cycles of our inner world. 

Though not often comfortable, accepting a dive into our own darkness promises great purification. It's through allowing ourselves to be stretched beyond what we thought possible that we learn our power. If we are pushed enough, we give up everything only to realize that we are everything. We become ever more aware of our intimacy with the divine, and through humility and reverence, realize that this bond can never be broken. It's in the darkness where we receive the embrace of the Great Mother, where we learn the strength of tenderness and love, and where we are reborn. 

The time eventually comes, however, to let of the darkness to birth our own inner Spring. An unborn child must exit the womb to experience life. 

But leaving the shadowlands can be hard. 

Image by  James Bueti

Image by James Bueti

In the darkness, complete surrender is required, a shedding of all we know. This state, so powerful, can also be seductive. It is in this complete zero point that we receive the grace of God, the ultimate mercy and redemption of all we've lost. We are closest to the dark womb of the feminine, where all creation originates, our nakedness with her nakedness. Though ego-shattering, the feeling of disintegration is blissful, and hard to leave.  

We can also fall victim to our own darkness, allowing the false beliefs to dictate our world through mental cages of our own making, amplifying pain and suffering. When we lose our sense of power, we lose our belief in our divine nature, easily feeling like a victim to the world around us. 

To the same degree that we are willing to delve into the darkness, we need to be willing to leave it behind to evolve forward. 

Continuing to walk through this portal ultimately requires an inner fire, a desire to be alive. It's this soul fire that fuels our commitment to life. 

What drives you to live?

This question, I believe, is integral to getting one through the shadow portal. Without connecting to your drive, your soul purpose, you risk getting lost in the shadow undertow. Remembering the beauty of lightness, of play and joy, can help propel one towards the fire inside, for we all have it. 

What are your desires? What are the things in life that are excite you, that remind you of your unique individuality here on Earth? How can you connect with these things more fully in your life? What propels you into movement?

Bringing awareness to that which separates you from the all is the antidote to getting lost in the dark oneness. We do well to remember that wherever attention goes energy flows, and WE are the ones that direct our own focus. It's up to us, always, how far or deep we wish to enter into a cycle, and how to navigate the turning of our own inner seasons. We are the God of our own inner world. 

May the soul fire within you pave your way forward this spring.

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Adriana Cerundolo