Feeling safe within the self

What does it mean to feel safe in oneself?

For me, it means being able to relax into any moment with a deep breath. It’s the sense of being held by a larger rhythm of energy that, through its pulsing, keeps me flowing and focused in the present. 

This larger rhythm is the rhythm of life itself, the divine shakti energy that fuels our individual kundalini channels and reminds us that we are all connected through the fabric of love. 

As humans, we are given a choice as to how we relate to this love. Past traumas and karmas can disempower this choice, making it hard to recognize the love that’s in front of us - or inside. Outside, inside, same side. What we resonate we reflect, in this world of mirrors. 

So it is that self-love - our ability to tap into the divine fabric of truth that lies within - is paramount to our safety. It’s what allows us to recognize the pulse of shakti inside us and relax into it. When we are the safest person in the room for ourselves, no one can hurt us. 

Explore opening your edges to self-love in this intimate day-long women’s retreat. 

We will use kundalini yoga, sound healing, intuitive dance, and ceremony to unlock our hearts to divine love.  


Sept 22, 10am-5pm | $175, including vegan lunch and all-day nourishment.

Private residence in Pinole, CA.

Space limited, register by Sept 16 to reserve your spot. Learn more.


Resonating divine love is another way to align your system to its frequency.

The more we open to love, the more we allow our highest self to express itself. Any practice that immerses you in the frequency of divine love will support you in strengthening its frequency within yourself. This is the law of resonance. This is also the essence of sound healing. 

SoundWork is the art of creating sound from a ceremonial container to channel divine frequencies for the highest good, and is a powerful tool for aligning with divine love. Experience SoundWork in a private session for alignment with your highest self. $50 off for bookings before Sept 22nd. 

Private Session.jpg

Check out upcoming events for more opportunities to connect with divinity within. May you know the love that you are and claim the safety within. 

With love, 


Adriana Cerundolo