Embracing Positivity

You Create your experience

We are what we eat. This goes for physical food, as well as thoughts and vibrations we consume. Therefore, if we are not happy with our experience, we can change it by shifting our thoughts and choices.

I recently had the experience of being in a deep emotional funk. The Negative Mind has its purpose in warding off danger and maintaining boundaries of the self. However, when left unchecked, it can run you into a destructive spiral that alarms your nervous system and slows creativity to a halt. This was the my experience. With the help of close friends, I was encouraged to make an unexpected choice that elicited excitement in my body. This injection of positivity short-circuited the punishing pattern I was experiencing, and allowed my system to reset.

Saying yes to positivity

The power of positivity is the gift of our Positive Mind, one of our 10 bodies that balances the Negative Mind with its enthusiasm, trust, and optimism. Since we create our experience through the vibrations we embody, it follows that the more we embody positivity, the more positivity we attract in our lives.

The Positive Mind is related to our solar plexus chakra, which represents our will power and sense of self. Feeling our power requires trust and belief in ourselves. It requires a level of positivity that begets courage. This is the gift of the Positive Mind.

Balancing the Positive Mind

If the Positive Mind is weak, we can spiral into negativity (as happened to me), and are unable to see opportunities that are available to us. If too strong, the Positive Mind can override the Negative Mind with fierce optimism and oversee real dangers to the self.

The key is to balance the Positive Mind so it is working for us:

  • Safety, security, and trust are the building blocks of positivity. If you’re having trouble creating this foundation, call upon self-care choices, activities, and people that support regulation of your nervous system. This could be as simple as taking some deep breaths or going out into nature.

  • If steeped in negativity, interrupt the pattern with joy. Put down the phone, step away from your computer, and immerse yourself in an experience that you know lights you up. Make it spontaneous, moving from your heart instead of your head. It could be a dancing in your kitchen, petting an animal, singing to your favorite song, etc. Having pre-selected “joy-inducing” activities is a way to self-regulate when you are under stress. Notice how quickly an injection of joy can shift your perspective.

  • Practice this kundalini yoga meditation for a positive mind to open the heart and connection to self.

  • If an overactive Positive Mind is taking you away from your physicality, get into your body with exercise, free-form movement, or a nature walk to reestablish a felt-sense of boundaries. Connect with your breath and feel your feet firmly on the ground.

  • Remember, the only other constant aside from change is the fact that you are divine. Let both of these constants bring you solace, no matter where are.


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Adriana Cerundolo