Befriending the Negative Mind

Having trouble setting clear boundaries? Overwhelmed with fear and doubt? You are not alone. In this world of overstimulation where our attention is constantly demanded, the ability to stand in our truth is becoming ever more important. One way to do this is through balancing the Negative Mind.

What it is

In Kundalini Yoga, it's taught that we each have 10 bodies (not just 1), 3 of which are mental: negative, neutral, and positive. The part that doubts and fears? That’s the negative mind. We need a balanced negative mind to protect us from danger and maintain our integrity as individuals. (More on why individuation is just as sacred as unity here.)

Why it’s important

Just as a river needs the riverbed to keep its form, we need discernment and clear boundaries to be effective in the world. This comes from a balanced neutral mind. The key is: *balanced.* If weak, we are quick to give our power away and make poor choices. If overactive, we are paralyzed by fear and doubt, unable to see opportunities available to us.

The right amount of discernment, married to the ability to flow with life, is the perfect union of masculine and feminine. This is the origin of creativity, of life force. Since the negative mind is essential to this union (I think of it as the masculine mind), this body is related to the second (sacral) chakra. The second chakra is where our individuality and sexuality resides. It’s the womb space for all earthly creations, where new ideas are nurtured and incubated. In short, the negative mind nurtures creativity.

How to balance

Practice this Meditation for the Negative Mind to transform excess negativity. Remember that loving presence is always essential when relating to any feelings or thoughts we deem “negative”. Bringing these rejected parts into love is, I believe, one of the key reasons for having a spiritual practice. It’s in these rejected parts where our untapped potential lies. In being willing to face them, love them, and integrate them, we claim our wholeness.

This Weds I'll be teaching a set of Kundalini kriyas designed to balance the negative mind. Join me any Wednesday morning for Kundalini Yoga at Sukha Yoga, Novato, 6:30-8am.

SoundWork is another way to balance the negative mind. Sound is used a vehicle for loving presence and bring the three mental bodies, and their respective chakras, into energetic balance. Contact to book a private session at the special summer rate of $125 (standard $175).