Learning through Contrast


When the smoke clears, clarity is revealed.

What a blessing is it to breathe fully and freely again, after the horror of the CA fires. Never have I appreciated fresh air so much. And with that, I've grown a deeper appreciation for pranayam. I find it's often through contrast that we learn to appreciate the things that are closest to us. For how can we see something that's an inherent part of us unless we separate it out? This is the role of shadow, the darkness that delineates physical things, and boundaries our subconscious from our conscious mind. By perceiving something as separate from our own consciousness, we are able to observe it, relate to it, and ultimately, appreciate it. This is the great gift of contrast. Suffering and challenges bring about the biggest lessons in appreciation.

It's through the contrast that we ultimately come to know ourselves.

The hurt, the anger, the grief - all point to the places inside that matter to us, those parts closest to our hearts. Parts we never saw, let alone appreciated, all of a sudden come to life demanding respect, nourishment, and care. For how could we know about these parts without a contrasting experience to delineate them?

The more we know ourselves, the more we know others. And thus the perpetual unfolding of consciousness continues as we bring more awareness and appreciation to each moment, through every thread of separation.

Appreciating the warm scent of sage in contrast to clean fresh air this morning post-kundalini class.

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Adriana Cerundolo