Receiving through perceiving


Our perception controls our experience.

How we see the world creates the filter through which we experience life. Perception is the gateway for creating the experience we desire. 

If we perceive life as gifting us something in every moment, we become receptive to what the moment has to offer. We become available to the insights, feelings, and learnings that source is trying to share with us. What does it mean to be alive if not connecting to the newness that each breath brings?

gifts cannot be given if they are not received.

Reception requires an openness, a willingness to connect. Reception requires relationship. If we are unavailable to connect, then the gift cannot be received. I believe this very fact is where the concept of “free will” becomes most relevant - it’s our choice the degree to which we wish to be available to the moment. Or in other words, present. Presence is where we receive the present. 

The challenge is, we literally cannot “see” anything we don’t have awareness of. Relationship happens when two things come into resonance, or share an overlapping likeness of some kind.  When the colonial ships invaded the Americas, it’s said that the Native Americans did not “see” the ships off their shores since they had no prior concept of ships. Without a point of reference to resonate with the concept, these ships did not come into their awareness. 

In order for us to see the gift of the moment, therefore, we need to come into resonance with the present. We need to hone our perception to believe, first and foremost, that there is a gift waiting to be received. With that state of presence, our openness to receiving resonates us with the gift of the moment. When reception becomes our perception, our world becomes alive with possibility and energy flow. 

Dancing Shakti.jpg

I consider this receptivity to the present moment the riding of Shakti, of divine feminine life-force that is ever-present and infinitely abundant. It is always giving us more than we can receive, overflowing us with experience, insights, and teachings in each moment. 

Receiving through perceiving becomes particularly valuable when we find ourselves out of the flow, lost in hard emotions and struggle.

Energy is always flowing and changing, as Shakti is never still. But when we are overwhelmed with mental loops and feelings that keep us feeling stagnant, it’s a challenge to be receptive. Instead, we want to shut things down, retreat inward, and escape from being seen. These are the most important times to connect to the inner eye and open to receiving the truth that is looking to be gifted to us. No matter how painful (or blissful) the receiving may feel at first, the gift always leads to forward shakti movement that is inherently ecstatic. In kundalini yoga we use the mantra “Wahe Guru” - the ecstasy of going from darkness into light. This eventual ecstasy is a constant you can always rely on amidst the never-ending movement of Shakti’s dance.

Kundalini yoga, sound healing, and dance ceremony are practices for honing our perception so it serves us best. You’re invited to join me at an upcoming event to explore your relationship to receiving. It starts with giving to yourself first.

Adriana is a kundalini yoga teacher, sound therapist, and dance ceremonialist. Learn more about her story.

Adriana Cerundolo